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Digital Lighting Management

SIMPLICITY, FLEXIBILITY, SCALABILITY - Digital Lighting Management delivers the most powerful and robust customer experience on the road to a net zero future.

Configuration Tools

Configuration Tools

Digital Wireless ConfigurationTool LMCT-100

Digital IR Handheld Remote,1-button LMRH-101

Digital IR Handheld Remote,2-button LMRH-102

Digital IR Handheld Remote,5-button Scene Controller LMRH-105

Interface Devices & Accessories

Digital Input/Output Interface LMIO-101

DLM 4-Partition Input/OutputInterface, USA LMIO-102-U

DLM Analog Sensor Input Module LMIO-201

DLM Data Interface LMDI-100-U

DLM segment network wireMPL-9008-17-WS LM-MSTP

Isolated Relay Interface LMRL-100

RJ45 Cables, 6 inches, nonplenum rated LMRJ-01

RJ45 Cables, 3 feet, nonplenum rated LMRJ-03

RJ45 Cables, 10 feet,nonplenum rated LMRJ-10

RJ45 Cables, 15 feet,nonplenum rated LMRJ-15

RJ45 Cables, 25 feet,nonplenum rated LMRJ-25

RJ45 Cables, 50 feet,nonplenum rated LMRJ-50

RJ45 Cables, 100 feet, nonplenum rated LMRJ-100

RJ45 Cables, 3 feet, plenumrated LMRJ-P03

RJ45 Cables, 10 feet, plenumrated LMRJ-P10

RJ45 Cables, 15 feet, plenumrated LMRJ-P15

RJ45 Cables, 25 feet, plenumrated LMRJ-P25

RJ45 Cables, 35 Feet, Plenum,Green LMRJ-P35

RJ45 Cables, 50 feet, plenumrated LMRJ-P50

RJ45 Cables, 75 Feet, Plenum,Green LMRJ-P75

RJ45 Cables, 100 feet, plenumrated LMRJ-P100

Non plenum rated coupler forLMRJ cables LMRJ-C8

Non plenum rated splitter for LMRJ cables LMRJ-S8

Digital Computer Interface LMCI-100

LM-MSTP, 1.5 pr MS/TP dataline1000'spool,MPL-9008-17-WS-1000 LM-MSTP-S1000

LM-MSTP, 1.5 pr MS/TP dataline2000'spool,MPL-9008-17-WS-2000 LM-MSTP-S2000

LM-MSTP, 1.5 pr MS/TP dataline4000'spool,MPL-9008-17-WS-4000 LM-MSTP-S4000


Network Devices

V.2 Network bridge module DLM LMBC-300

MSTP Router for LIControls BASRT-B DIN mounting NB-ROUTER

Occupancy Sensors

Digital Dual Tech CeilingMount Sensor LMDC-100

Digital PIR Ceiling Mountsensor LMPC-100

Digital PIR Ceiling Mountsensor, high density LMPC-100-1

DLM PIR Ceiling Sensor,High-Bay LMPC-100-5

Digital Ultrasonic Ceiling Mount Sensor, 1000 sq ft LMUC-100-2

Digital Dual Tech Corner Mountsensor LMDX-100

Digital PIR Corner MountSensor, high density LMPX-100

Digital PIR Corner MountSensor, long range LMPX-100-1

Digital PIR 1 Button Wall Mount Sensor w/ Infrared, White LMPW-101-W

Digital PIR 2 Button Wall Mount Sensor w/ Infrared, White LMPW-102-W

Digital Dual Tech 1 Button Wall Mount Sensor w/ Infrared, Wh LMDW-101-W

Digital Dual Tech 2 Button Wall Mount Sensor w/ Infrared, Wh LMDW-102-W


Photo Sensors

Closed Loop Single Zone DLMphotosensor LMLS-400

Open Loop Multiple Zone DLMphotosensor LMLS-500

Photosensor mounting bracketfor ceiling mount applications LMLS-MB1

Photosensor mounting bracketfor wall mount applicationsons LMLS-MB2

LM Daylighting Sensor, On/Off,1 Channel Auto Commissioning LMLS-105

LM Dual Loop Daylighting SensoON/OFF/Dimming, 1 Channel LMLS-600

Plug Load Controllers

Digital Plug Load Controller 20A 120V, 60Hz, On/Off LMPL-101

Digital Enhanced Plug LoadController, On/Off, 120V,60Hz LMPL-201

DLM Plug load RF Transmitter WRC-TX-LM

15-amp White, half controlledreceptacle WRC-15-1-W

15-amp White, dual controlledreceptacle WRC-15-2-W

20-amp White, half controlledreceptacle WRC-20-1-W

20-amp White, dual controlledreceptacle WRC-20-2-W


Room Controllers

Digital Single Relay Room Controller, On/Off, 120-277V LMRC-101

Digital Dual Relay Room Controller, On/Off, 120-277V LMRC-102

DLM Room Controller, 1 Relay,KO, 0-10v, 10A LMRC-111

DLM Room Controller, 2 Relay,KO, 0-10v, 10A, LMRC-112

Digital V.2 Sgle Relay Rm Controller, On/Off/ 0-10v dimm LMRC-211

Digital V.2 Dual Relay Rm Contller, On/Off/ 0-10v dimm LMRC-212

Digit V.2 Triple Relay Rm Controller, On/Off/ 0-10v dimm LMRC-213

Universal Dimming Room Controller 1 channel, 16 amperes, LMRC-221

Universal Dimming Room Controller 2 channel, 16 amperes LMRC-222

Conduit Adapter for enhancedroom controller LMRC-CA

Conduit Adapter for enhancedLMRC-220 series Room Controlle LMRC-CA2

Switches & Dimmers

Digital Dimming Wall Switch,1 paddle, w/ I.R., white LMDM-101-W

Digital Scene Switch, 5-buttonwith I.R., white. LMSW-105-W

Digital Switch, 1-buttonw/ infrared, white LMSW-101-W

Digital Switch, 2-buttonw/ infrared, White LMSW-102-W

Digital Switch, 3-buttonw/ infrared, white LMSW-103-W

Digital Switch, 4-buttonw/ infrared,White LMSW-104-W

Digital Switch, 8-buttonw/ infrared,White LMSW-108-W

DLM 8 Button Switch Color Kit,White LMSW-KIT-108-W

DLM 5 Button Scene SwitchColor Kit, White LMSW-KIT-105-W

DLM 4 Button Switch Color Kit,White LMSW-KIT-104-W

DLM 3 Button Switch Color Kit,White LMSW-KIT-103-W

DLM 2 Button Switch Color Kit,White LMSW-KIT-102-W

DLM 1 Button Switch Color Kit,White LMSW-KIT-101-W

DLM 1 Button Dimmer SwitchColor Kit, White LMDM-KIT-101-W

DLM-Engraving for Color Kits LM-ENGRAVING

UL924 Emergency Compliance Devices

Emergency Lighting Control Unit for KO mounting ELCU-200

Legrand Wattstopper

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Legrand Wattstopper

SIMPLICITY, FLEXIBILITY, SCALABILITY - Digital Lighting Management delivers the most powerful and robust customer experience on the road to a net zero future.